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We know the wineries and the wine makers. We apply this knowledge of the industry and the people to ensure a one of a kind experience. Join us for one of our wine country tours and see why people are calling Walla Walla the newest frontier in food and wine.


The Wineries of the Walla Walla Valley offer a diverse bounty of wines and experiences. According to Tourism Walla Walla: “The Valley’s reputation for producing wines of superb quality took root in 1977 when the first present-day winery was established…. As the number of wineries and vineyards continued to grow, so did the camaraderie. Winemakers and growers alike were all bound by a passion for the process, a commitment to quality, and a mutual respect for each others unique visions.”

Imbibe Wine Tours is the proud beneficiary of this same camaraderie. Having been welcomed to the valley with open arms by the wine making community we are able to pass the benefit of our established relationships on to our tour groups and offer them an intimate and unprecedented look at the culture behind the wines.